Due to the government shutdown that happened earlier this month, the IRS has announced their plans to delay the start of the upcoming tax season. Expect Delays with the 2014 Tax Season Taxpayers looking to file their 2013 returns on January 21st in the hopes of quickly receiving their tax refund will be sorely disappointed. The earliest the IRS anticipates accepting returns will be no earlier than January 28 and no later than February 4. The IRS will make a final decision some time in December.

Taxpayers should note that this delay will not alter the April 15 deadline for returns and extensions to be filed. The IRS has also stated that any paper returns mailed to them will not be processed until tax season “officially” starts and that e-filing is still the preferred method that will result in the fastest refunds.

2014 PTIN renewals of preparer tax identification numbers are also being delayed for an unspecified amount of time. Current PTIN holders will receive and email or letter notifying them when the 2014 renewal season will open. The online PTIN system is only available if you need to apply for a PTIN or current users need to update their information.

We will keep you posted as we receive updated information. If there are any additional questions, please give our office a call.